QHow long have you been in business?

AAll Around Moving Services Company has been in operation since 2003 and we have been a BBB Accredited business since 2009. 

QAre you licensed, bonded?

AAll Around Moving Services assigned movers are fully insured and licensed to provide you worry free moving service. All movers are trained to make your day stress free and easy, almost fun!

QDo you provide fixed rate quotes?

AYes, if you have a larger home, or have large or difficult items to move, we would be more than happy to provide a fix rate quote based on a detailed list of items. Call us today at 646-723-4084 for a FREE ONSITE estimate.

QWhat form of payment do you accept?

APayment can be made by bank wire, money order or cash, or by: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX (3% connection fee apply). Also accepted on the day of the pick up a bank certified check or traveler’s check.

QDo your prices change on the weekends?

AAll Around Moving Services does not charge different rates for different days, as we offer upfront pricing every day of the year. No surprises!

QDo I get charged another travel fee if you have to make two trips?

ANo, we only ever charge one flat-rate upfront travel fee.

QWhat does the travel fee cover?

AOur flat rate, one time travel fee covers movers getting to your move location, and getting back to their office from your drop off location. We pride ourselves in giving upfront pricing, no surprises.

QShould I take pictures of my belongings?

AYes, taking pictures is always a good idea, it’s better to have a good idea of how your belongings looked in case there is a possibility of damage during transit.

QHow is my furniture protected when movers move it?

AMovers use shoulder harness straps and padded dollies to help prevent any damage to large furniture items. All Around Moving designated carriers and movers will wrap your items before being moved to further protect them from any damage. Movers are thoroughly trained and are certified specialists. The movers are awesome!

QDo you arrange to protect my furniture when movers move it?

AAll Around Moving designated carrier will protect your furniture with heavy duty storage blankets in your home prior to transportation. They will also carry shrink wrap if your items need an extra layer of protection.

QWill movers disassemble and reassemble my bed?

AAll Around Moving designated movers will dismantle and reassemble tables, regular beds, and dressers mirrors. No couches or cribs. All other dismantling and reassembly must be specified in writing, otherwise an additional charge will be applied.

QWhat happens if all of my items don’t fit on one truck?

AOur trained agents will determine how many trucks your move will need. If we need to arrange more trucks on your move day we will let you know upfront.

QCan I move boxes with no lids on them?

AAll boxes need to be covered, if no cover is available, we ask that you re-pack. All Around Moving designated carrier will have on hand a variety of Moving supplies that are there to be used only if needed for a small upfront fee.

QDo you arrange to move in the rain/snow? If so, how do movers protect my items?

AYes, we arrange to move in all “non severe” weather conditions. All items will be covered by storage pads or shrink wrap as they exit your home, and wiped dry as they enter the truck or your new home.

QDo movers protect my hardwood floors, carpet, or tile?

AMovers will protect all your hardwood and tile floors at your home at no extra cost. If you need full carpet shield we offer that as well for a small fee. Our goal is to make your move stress free. Your home is safe with us all.

QWhen does my hourly time start?

AYour time starts upon movers arrival. At the end of your move, only when you are fully satisfied does your time stop.

QHow long does it take on a Long Distance Move?

ADelivery to a location of 1400 miles or less may take 5 to 14 calendar days from the earliest requested delivery date; Delivery to a location of more than 1400 miles may take 10 to 24 calendar days from the earliest requested delivery date. Please make sure that the Earliest Delivery Date appears on your moving Estimate, Order for Service, and Bill of Lading.

QWhat happens if my items are damaged during the move?

AMovers are federally mandated to pay $0.60 per pound for any “damaged” item. Movers do reserve the right to fix any item, or replace any item if it is not able to be fixed. You can also work with 3rd party insurance providers to cover the move.

QDo movers move Piano’s?

AAll Around Moving designated carrier and movers can move upright, (spinet) or console pianos. Grand and Baby Grand piano’s may be moved, but may need to give you a FREE ONSITE ESTIMATE just to make sure we can keep your piano safe and secure during the move out.

QHow do I tip the movers?

AIt is customary to tip movers, upon satisfaction with the service. Tipping amount may vary based on the size, type and move destination. Consult with our sales representative if need guidance.

QDo you ship overseas?

AWe have completed a number of International moves, whether they have been a small pallet (Less than a container load), a Full 20´container or a 40´container. All of this depends on your needs and a FREE ONSITE would be suggested if you need to ship a container. Please check our website at All Around Moving Services if you would like to know where we ship internationally.

Have a question that was not answered here? Give us a call today 646-723-4083 or email us at: info@allaroundmoving.com 

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