Moving Tips

How many boxes you will need for your move?

Many moving companies base quotes on volume, because by knowing how much space your belongings take will determine what type of truck will be used for your move. Even if you´ll be doing the move yourself, having an idea of how much ¨volume¨ you have can also give you an idea of how big of a truck to rent.

Here are the sizes and volume (cu.ft) to them. If you would like to know the cubic foot of your couch, simply measure height, length and depth in inches, convert them into feet and multiply all three and it will give you the answer.

Small Boxes (18″ x 12″ x 12″ = 1.5 cu. ft)

Small and mighty, these boxes are great for books, DVDs, video game consoles, cleaning supplies, magazines, tools and nick-knacks.

Medium Boxes (18″ x 18″ x 16″ = 3.0 cu. ft)

This box ideal for books, photo albums and toys. Absolutely perfect for kitchenware and collectibles.

Large Boxes  (18″ x 18″ x 24″ = 4.5 cu. ft)

These are the big boys, excellent for the lighter and awkward sized stuff like pillows, blankets, towels, larger dishes and even lamps.

Dish Box (18″ x 18″ x 27″= 5 cu. ft)

Best used for china, glassware and other fragile items. Double-walled box.

Wardrobe Box (24″ x 21″ x 46″ = 13 cu. ft)

Perfectly made for packing your clothes since it has a bar at the top for hanging your clothes.  (Use the bottom for packing shoes, loose items such as belts, ties, etc…)

Here´s a handy Moving Box Chart to give you an idea of how many boxes more or less you’ll be needing before your big day.

Remember, start packing early, don’t leave any packing until the last minute.

See this post about Basic Moving Packing Tips


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boxes.jpgFind Boxes for Your Next Move

The first question on the minds of most folks about to embark on an apartment or house-to-house move is where can I buy moving boxes? But what if that is the wrong question? Where can I find moving boxes is a better question.

The packing process can be a long and arduous one. It is full of stressors, but the earlier you get started, the less stressful it will be. One of the very first tasks is to find moving boxes. You are going to need all sorts of moving boxes, from the small to the very tall. Buying is an option, especially if you need specialized boxes, but you might be able to find what you need with some simple Internet search or at the end of this article, we´ve included a few links so you don’t have to do the work.


Costco, Walmart, Liquor Stores or Bars

These establishments get deliveries every day and they have plenty of them since like Costco do not use plastic bags for packing but encourage their clientele to use boxes that are available to them at checkout. Liquor stores and bars also get box shipments and those boxes need to be strong enough to tote big bottles of vodka and gin, as well as cases of beer. That means that they should be plenty strong enough to carry your books, kitchen items and dishes from one house to the next.

Community Websites

Freecycle are excellent sources of free stuff, especially boxes. Freecycle may not be as well-known as Craigslist, but it may be a better source for quality boxes and the good thing about these sites is that you hop right back on that site after you move and return the favor by re-gifting those cardboard boxes. Yay!

Your Social Network

Take advantage of your social network. Chances are there is someone you know who has just completed a big move. Put out a post asking for boxes and you will likely find a willing friend or two.

Ask Around at Work

With all the office supplies and other paraphernalia that is needed to run a modern office building, the deliveries are endless. Make friends with the people at the loading dock. They should certainly be able to spare a few boxes or containers.

Office Supply Stores

Those boxes that computer paper comes in are extremely strong. With all the paper that Staples or any copy place goes through, they are likely to have extra paper boxes at some point during the day. Even though some of these chains would like to sell you moving boxes (see below), it never hurts to ask the managers what they are looking to get rid of.

McDonald’s fry boxes

Swing by your local Mc D’s to see if they have leftover boxes from their last French fry delivery. These particular boxes are super strong.

U-Haul Box Exchange

U-Haul offers an online resource for customers to share or sell boxes and moving supplies to each other.

Going Green

If you have a hankering for saving the planet, you might want to rent plastic boxes, instead of getting cardboard ones. Some companies will deliver clean plastic bins to you and then pick them up from your new house or apartment when you are done.

Timing Is Everything

Your town or city probably has specific days when cardboard or paper goods go out for recycling. The night before, provided that the weather cooperates, take a stroll around your neighborhood to see if any of your neighbors put out a bounty. You might get lucky.

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

After you exhaust all the possibilities for free cardboard boxes, you might need to buy some to fill your needs. Perhaps you need specialized wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. They are much simpler to use and better for your suits, dresses and fancy clothes than rolling them up in duffel bags.

You will need to figure out how many boxes you need though. So, you might want to take a quick inventory of your belongings for the most accurate estimate. See Moving Boxes Chart up top.

Here are a few links we’ve put together for you to compare prices with other online stores.

Lowe’sHome DepotOffice DepotUline




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